Group of kids run to hug Piko and Palmira at the park entrance.

Goodbye fire!
Hello Sendaviva!

We are now open!

The fateful June 18 was a traumatic moment for everyone.
One of the most beloved parks for families in this country was affected by the effects of heat waves caused by climate change.

Part of the park has been affected and there are some areas and attractions that cannot be visited for the moment, but since the day after the event, the entire park team has been working non-stop to reopen and return the park to its original state as soon as possible. 

The most demanded is already
in full operation!

Water attractions!

All the shows !

(Including the new Show "EL SECRETO DEL CHAMÁN")

Attractions for all ages!

Photograph of the Flying Chairs attraction in operation.

And 8 Animal Trails!

Discounts on most of the rates

Although the park is large and can be visited for more than one day, we have made a significant discount because not all areas and attractions are available at the moment. You can check the new prices in our rates page. 

We are waiting for you!

Rural Lodging. Villa Sendaviva. Family in front of Villa Sendaviva with pets Piko and Palmira.