A park for everyone

Sendaviva's commitment to disability is as firm as it is transversal. Since our creation, the park has been increasingly offering multiple facilities for people with disabilities and their companions, from the reduced entrance fee, to the design of access, travel and the environment of our shows, we have taken into account Universal Accessibility criteria. Similarly, our restaurants, Villa Sendaviva and partner hotels take into account the requirements of those who need accessible environments, products and services.

Wheelchair accessibility sign at Sendaviva.

access and transport for persons with reduced mobility

We offer different types of facilities on arrival and on internal journeys for those who may require mobility aids. At Sendaviva we have reserved parking spaces for vehicles with parking cards for people with reduced mobility. These spaces are in the car park closest to the entrance to the park.

Inside, there is also wheelchair-friendly transport that can take those who require it around the different areas of the park. We also offer a free wheelchair loan service for those who may need it. This service requires a deposit of 20 euros, which is returned when the wheelchair is returned.

Sign indicating availability of induction loops for people with hearing aids or cochlear implants.

induction loops on counters

At the ticket offices at the entrance to the park there is a counter with a magnetic induction loop for people who use hearing aids or cochlear implants. These people, by placing their device in "T" position, will receive the voice of the staff attending to them, avoiding ambient noise, and their hearing will be much more comfortable and pleasant. The counter is properly signposted.

Trained Sendaviva staff accompanying a wheelchair user.

a team trained in caring for people with disabilities

The staff at the information points, transport, attractions and shows at Sendaviva are trained in the treatment and care of people with disabilities. Trust them to make your experience at the park safe and fun.

Accessible toilet facilities for the disabled.


In all areas of the park there are toilets with accessible cabins for people with reduced mobility. There are separate accessible toilets for men and women. There are also unisex toilets, which allow access to the person accompanying the person with reduced mobility, even if they are not of the same sex.

Man in a wheelchair having a beer with his friends in the Sendaviva Restaurant.

Restaurants designed for you

At Sendaviva, all the restaurants are accessible to wheelchair users. And of course, guide dogs and assistance dogs are welcome. Our menus also take into account those with food allergies or intolerances. Please contact our staff if you need help choosing or picking up your lunch or dinner, also in the fast food outlets.

Blind woman with a white cane using her mobile phone to listen to the Sendaviva website from a screen reader.

inclusive and accessible communication

At Sendaviva we want everyone to be able to enjoy and find information on our website and in our applications. That is why we work to comply with digital accessibility standards. We also follow accessibility guidelines on our social networks, describing the images we share and using clear language.  

Child in a wheelchair next to his mother in Sendaviva. He laughs and his mother gives him a kiss.

reduced rates

People with disabilities, whether minors or adults, always enjoy special discounts on admission to the park.