BASIS OF THE GAME looking for piko and palmira


Game #BuscandoAPikoYPalmira


1.- Organizing Company

The organizing company, Parque de la Naturaleza de Navarra S.A., plans to carry out the game #BuscandoAPikoYPalmira, which will be developed in accordance with these rules.

The game will be called #BuscandoAPikoYPalmira and will take place nationwide, exclusively online through the Instagram platform.

2.- Duration

The game will be in effect from March 25, 2023 through November 11, 2023.

If for any reason it is necessary to postpone, modify or cancel the contest (game), this fact will be published through the web site of and social networks Facebook and Instagram.

3.- Purpose

The game aims to promote the brand Parque de la Naturaleza de Navarra S.A., the communication with its customers through social networks.

4.- Free of charge

The game contest is free of charge, so that in order to participate it will not be necessary to purchase any product or pay any additional fee or amount to obtain the prizes.

Participation requirements and mechanics

During the duration of the game, all persons over 18 years of age, residing in Spain, who proceed as described below, will have the opportunity to participate in this sweepstakes.

The mechanics of the game (explained in detail below) will consist of locating, within the Sendaviva installation, the hidden figures of its mascots, Piko and Palmira, and taking a photograph that will be shared on the social network Instagram (according to the rules indicated below). To find out the location, several daily clues will be communicated through the park's information screens. The place where the figures will be hidden may be changed by Parque de la Naturaleza de Navarra S.A. There will be only one prize per day.

Employees of Parque de la Naturaleza de Navarra S.A., or those persons who have participated directly or indirectly in the elaboration and/or development of the contest, as well as their first-degree relatives, are not eligible to participate in the sweepstakes.


Whoever fulfilling the above requirements wishes to take part in the present game draw must, in addition: 

- Find the Palmira and Piko figures hidden in the Sendaviva facilities.

- Upload a photo to your Instagram profile with the figures with a mention to @sendavivaoficial and the hashtag: #BuscandoAPikoYPalmira

- They must present themselves at the village store, with the figure, to verify that they have been the winners and provide their contact information.

- Accept these legal terms and conditions.

Participants who fail to comply with any of these requirements will not be allowed to take part in the contest.

Parque de la Naturaleza de Navarra S.A. reserves the right to eliminate those participants who defraud, alter or disable the proper functioning and the normal and regulatory course of this sweepstakes, comments or responses that it deems unrelated to the rules, violate the conditions, limitations or prohibitions contained therein, or consider them improper, indecorous or in bad taste or deems that may hurt the feelings of other participants or followers of the brand.

If the participant's account information is uncertain, incomplete or illegible, Parque de la Naturaleza de Navarra S.A. reserves the right to invalidate the participation, in which case the prize will be awarded to the corresponding alternate.

6.- Selection of winners

Among those who have participated correctly (in the terms indicated above), the first person to upload the photo, as described above, to his or her social network profile will win.

7.- Prizes and communication to the winners


- 1 night in a quadruple room at Villa Sendaviva.

- SA Regime.

- Subject to housing availability.

Date: from March 25 to November 11, 2023.

Each first prize is valued at up to 300 euros (VAT included) for the whole family.

No expenses or benefits not specifically mentioned in these game rules are included and must be paid by the winning contestants.

The Parque de la Naturaleza de Navarra S.A., organizer of this game, will contact the winner through the data provided by the contestant, in order to inform him/her that he/she has won the prize and give him/her the instructions to redeem it.

Under no circumstances may the prizes that are the object of the present game be subject to change, alteration, compensation at the winner's request or transfer to third parties.

The winners of the game may renounce the prize won, however, they may not, in any case, exchange it for a different prize.

Sending the prizes: In the event that Parque de la Naturaleza de Navarra S.A. detects that the personal data provided by the winners are not true, the winners will lose their right to receive the prize. Parque de la Naturaleza de Navarra S.A. is exempt from any liability in the event that there is any error in the data provided by the winners themselves that prevents their identification, contact, address and/or enjoyment of the prize, and Parque de la Naturaleza de Navarra S.A. cannot claim anything from Parque de la Naturaleza de Navarra S.A. for this.

Communication: the winners will be published through a publication on Instagram. Sharing the photo published by the winner on their profile.

They will be asked to expressly accept the prize, as well as the rest of the data that may be necessary to carry out the effective delivery of the prize. If the winners do not send the requested information within 72 hours by private message after sending the message declaring them the winner and requesting such information, the prize will be declared void. Likewise, Parque de la Naturaleza de Navarra S.A. reserves the right to delay the delivery of the prizes for reasons beyond its control or to change the prize offered for another of identical or similar value due to force majeure.

8.-. Ownership of the draw

Parque de la Naturaleza de Navarra S.A. reserves the right to request the immediate removal of any link or content related to this game and/or any other material or communication support that has been used, disseminated, distributed, published, exported, exploited, reproduced or copied in violation of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, reserving the right to claim for the damages caused the amounts that correspond to them without prejudice to any legal action to achieve those ends.

9.- Responsibility

Parque de la Naturaleza de Navarra S.A. is not responsible for any loss, damage, theft, delay or any other circumstance attributable to third parties that may affect the development of this game and the impossibility of registering a participant.

In no case will Parque de la Naturaleza de Navarra S.A. be responsible for the services provided by any other entity with which it collaborates to the winners as a result of the prizes awarded, nor for any circumstance attributable to any third party.

The winners exempt Parque de la Naturaleza de Navarra S.A. from any responsibility derived from any damage they may suffer during the enjoyment of the prizes.

10. Tax regime

Law 35/2006 of November 28, 2006, approving the Personal Income Tax and partially amending the Corporate Income Tax, Non-Resident Income Tax and Wealth Tax Laws, will be applicable to the prize of this promotion; Royal Decree 439/2007, of March 30, 2007, approving its Regulations and subsequent amendments; Royal Decree Law 20/2011, of December 30, 2011, on urgent measures in budgetary, tax and financial matters for the correction of the public deficit, in its Second Final Provision point 4; First and Third Transitory Provisions of Law 13/2011 of May 27, 2011, on Gaming Regulation; the first additional provision of Law 25/2009, of December 22nd, amending several laws for their adaptation to the Law on free access to service activities and their exercise, and article 48, section 6, and section 7, number 12 of Law 13/2011, of May 27th, on the Regulation of Gambling and the procedure for its telematic presentation and other concordant provisions and those dictated in its development, whereby, if applicable, it shall be the responsibility of Parque de la Naturaleza de Navarra S.A. shall be responsible for making the payment on account or withholding the appropriate Personal Income Tax (hereinafter referred to as IRPF).

In accordance with the aforementioned regulations, participants in this promotion are informed that prizes awarded for participation in games, contests, raffles, or random combinations linked to the sale or promotion of goods or services are subject to withholding or payment on account of Personal Income Tax provided that the value of the prize is greater than €300.

In relation to the above and in compliance with current tax regulations, Parque de la Naturaleza de Navarra S.A. will make the corresponding withholding and payment on account of the prize awarded and, in due course, will issue the appropriate certificate to facilitate the participant's compliance with his/her tax obligations by including the income consisting of the prize received in his/her personal income tax return, together with the rest of the income received, and from whose total quota the amount stated in the aforementioned certification of payment on account may be deducted as already paid.

The winning participant must confirm on the day of delivery of the prize his or her personal data, as well as show his or her ID or Resident Card. In order to be able to make the withholdings mentioned in the previous point, the winner must sign in any case a written proof of receipt of the prize, upon receipt of the same and submit a photocopy of his ID. Otherwise, he/she will lose his/her right to receive the prize.

The completion of the personal and fiscal data of the winners necessary for the delivery of the prizes is mandatory, so that the absence of any of these data will result in the loss of the right to the prize obtained.

11- Data protection

In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, 1999, on the Protection of Personal Data, Parque de la Naturaleza de Navarra S.A. informs participants that the data provided through the sweepstakes, which are considered personal data, will be included in our personal data files. Likewise, users of the website: are informed that sending their personal data implies their consent to process this information for the purpose of managing the relationship between participants in this contest and Parque de la Naturaleza de Navarra S.A., including communication with participants to meet their requests and the communication and management of their gift, being deleted at the end of the time necessary for the development of such promotional action.

By participating in this contest, participants consent and authorize the processing of their data in accordance with the above mentioned and accept the terms and conditions of these Rules. Likewise, if applicable, the winners and participants guarantee and declare that they have obtained prior consent and have been informed of the terms and conditions of this contest.

The holders of the personal data provided may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending a letter, accompanied by a photocopy of their National Identity Document, addressed to, with the reference "Data Protection-Momento Sendaviva.

12. Contact Information

For the resolution of any questions regarding the administration of this promotional action or the management or deletion of the data requested from participants, please contact:

13. Deposit of the Bases

The Rules of the game, as well as any possible modifications, will be available at

14. Acceptance of the Rules

The simple participation in the action implies the acceptance of these rules that can be consulted at, so the manifestation of non-acceptance of these rules will mean the exclusion of the participant and as a consequence of this, Parque de la Naturaleza de Navarra S.A. will be released from the fulfillment of the obligation contracted with the participant.

In Arguedas on March 24, 2023.