The great Triolina

With all of you, 650 meters of pure adrenaline for you to enjoy strong emotions. A vertigo attraction with descents that can reach 70 km/h, passing over the Bobsleigh and the lake. Do you dare?


Closed shoes

Minimum weight 40kg or 65kg depending on wind (individual)

Double trolley minimum weight 35kg and maximum 150 kg, with a maximum difference of 40kg between both members.

Limited places per day

Reservation at the information point of the lake

Price 4€/person

Minimum age 14 years old to ride alone, 11 years old to ride with a partner


Not recommended for pregnant women.

Not recommended for people with mental disabilities, autism, behavioral problems or mental deficiency. It is mandatory to be accompanied by a non-disabled person aged 16 years or older.

The attraction can be reached in a wheelchair. Requires transfer from the chair to the seat (independently or with assistance). It is compulsory to be accompanied by a non-disabled person aged 16 or over.

Not recommended for people with injuries or temporary disabilities.

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