It flew by!

Image of view from the ground of the Free Fall, with visitors at its highest point.
On March 26, 2004 Sendaviva opens its doors for the first time. That day the 'Free Fall' is inaugurated, with a descent of 35 meters into the void. Two months later, 4 cubs were born.
Couple on a carpet, virtually flying over the Bardenas Reales de Navarra.
Those who visited the park in 2005 were able to fly virtually over the Bardenas Reales de Navarra in the new attraction: The 'Flying Carpet'.
Children playing in the water attraction "El Laberinto", where water jets come out of the ground.
In 2006, the largest 'Water Maze' in Europe was inaugurated, with more than 800 water jets and the difficulty of completing the course without getting wet.
Mother and daughter having fun on the Bobsleigh ride, speeding down the rails.
On March 31, 2007, the most popular attraction for visitors to the park was inaugurated: The 'Bobsleigh', where you experience a descent at full speed overcoming slopes and curves.
Inaugurating the zip line, with a man waving to the cameras.
The 5th anniversary of Sendaviva came with 'La Gran Tirolina' or the 'Bumpers acuáticas'. In addition, the Flight of Birds of Prey exhibition incorporated an Andean condor, the largest bird of prey on the planet.
Families crossing the footbridge over the Sendaviva lake.
Sendaviva experienced the remodeling of the lake, which now occupies an area of 12,000 square meters and where you could navigate with rowboats, and the area of 'Flying Chairs'.
Families lining up to ride the Tubbing attraction.
New 'Curved Tubing', a 340-meter slide, the largest in Spain and the third largest in the world; and the premiere of the 'Conveyor Belt', the largest outdoor conveyor belt in the world, over 300 meters long and with a 60-meter drop.
Family posing for a photo with the old Burra Palmira, and Sendaviva workers in costume.
At the opening of the season, it inaugurates a second slide, the 'Tubing straight', the largest in Europe in a straight line. In the eighth season, the park welcomed the "1,000,000th visitor", a Basque family, on June 25.
Caretaker of Sendaviva, with an eagle on his arm.
The park added to its collection of birds of prey a 'Steller's eagle', the only specimen flying in an exhibition in the whole of southern Europe.
Image of albino tiger and roaring tiger.
For its tenth season, the park added a white tiger, named Sair, and a golden tigress, named Marlene, to its animal family.
Image of man in costume, with bloody face and Halloween decoration.
For the Halloween season, the park inaugurates the largest 'Path of Terror' in Europe, located in the Photo Safari where monsters, creatures from beyond the grave and the living dead used to walk.
Albino tiger cubs looking curiously at the camera.
Two white tiger cubs are the new tenants of Sendaviva; a one year old male and a female just nine months old.
Photo of magician Jorge Blass, surrounded by confetti.
The magician Jorge Blass surprises again with his tricks in the second 'Month of Magic'.
Photo of a family winning the 2000000 Visitor award, next to the old Burra Palmira.
A Catalan family becomes Sendaviva's '2,000,000th visitor' on May 27th.
Piko, Sendaviva's mascot, and a child sitting on his paw in the House of Pets.
A new mascot, Piko, a Steller's Cicada pup who joined Palmira the donkey as the park's entertainers, is incorporated in the 15th season.
Albino tiger cubs playing in the grass.
Two white tiger cubs, a variant of this endangered feline, were born on April 15. This is a rare occurrence in captivity and it is estimated that there are fewer than 300 in the world.
Children looking through a glass at an albino tiger strolling in the grass.
New 'feline viewpoints' and expansion of the 'Aviary' and the 'Raptor Trail' to be able to see the animals more comfortably and resemble their natural habitat.
Image of Best Nature Park Award 2021, with a photo of one of the park's water attractions.
Roko Urtsua' (climbing wall with four different water slides) and 'Splash' (children's area with eleven games), new water attractions in 2021. A year in which Sendaviva was awarded 'Best Nature Park of the Year' at the PAC AWARDS.
Image from Best Nature Park 2022 Award, with a photo of one of the park's water slides.
The 'Rapids' were released. A week later, the park suffered a fire that affected the 'Bosque' area. We were again awarded "Best Nature Park of the Year".
Boy and girl riding down the rails of the Bobsleigh ride, laughing and having fun.
We celebrated our 20th Anniversary and reopened many of the attractions that burned down, repopulated the forest and started a new decade with more enthusiasm than ever.
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Group of children riding in a boat on the Sendaviva lake.

How much we have changed!

Many things have changed, almost all for the better; and together, during this time, we have become the reference for family leisure in Navarra. Sendaviva is already part of the collective memory of a generation of children from Navarre, the Basque Country, Aragon and many other places in Spain and abroad. And we are also already, for the inhabitants of La Ribera, an important economic engine.

Old illustration of the Donkey Palmira, Sendaviva's mascot.


Current illustration of the Donkey Palmira, Sendaviva's mascot.


Do you want to know how the new Palmyra was designed?

They were not easy beginnings...

Eagle's eye view of Arguedas.

Construction of the park began in 2002. On a piece of land with no vegetation. These drawings you see below (which were part of the project presentation) gradually came to life. A lake was built, trees and plants were planted in the hottest areas, rides and enclosures were built to house the animals, and a real circus was erected. In the first season we only received 70,000 visitors, it was difficult to make ourselves known. But the visitor surveys were very positive: the vast majority wanted to come again.

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...but in 2006 we tripled the number of visitors.

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Guess who sang the Sendaviva song?

Music has always been very important in Sendaviva during these 20 seasons. To accompany visitors in the funniest moments, to create excitement in the Circus or to accompany our advertising.

Many times the children themselves have been the protagonists in the songs of these commercials. Do you recognize this little girl at the time of the recording of one of our songs? Answer this questionnaire and you could win a free ticket to the park.

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There have been moments
unrepeatable in the park.

Woman jumping down the zip line on her back.

With the birth of two White Tiger cubs

It was quite an event. The cubs, a male and a female, were the offspring of the park's white tiger pair. The birth of this type of tigers in captivity is rare and it is currently estimated that there are less than 300 tigers in the world. It was such a great success and their first days of life so exciting for all Sendaviva's followers that we held a contest to name them. Now they have grown up and are called Zuri and Tristan.

Caretaker calling Condor gliding in the air with wings spread.

When we opened La Gran Tirolina

Albino tigress with her cub, lying on the grass playing.

The day when a rescued Andean Condor flew for the first time

Our Andean condor is called ....... and arrived from Chile on ..... He had lived in a room in a house......bla bla bla bla............








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Difficult moments

As the COVID epidemic and the fire of 2022

Drawing of the little donkey Palmira with a mask for the covid.

In a very short period of time, two events came together that were beyond our control and were a hard blow to the Park. The COVID forced us to close the facilities for a long period; and, when we were recovering, a fire in the area affected part of the park, forcing us to close it again for a few weeks. But in Sendaviva we are tenacious and our visitors encouraged us to continue without faltering and to work tirelessly so that everyone can continue to enjoy it.

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And others that filled us with joy!

Like the awards and recognitions received

For the second consecutive year we have been awarded with the PAC AWARDS as the best Nature Park. We have also been distinguished with the Family Tourism Award granted by the Spanish Federation of Large Families for being an entity "sensitive to the needs of families, which thinks of them when designing its strategy, products and activities, as well as the way of communicating them".

Manager of Sendaviva receiving the Family Tourism seal.
Image of Best Nature Park Award 2021, with a photo of one of the park's water attractions.
Image from Best Nature Park 2022 Award, with a photo of one of the park's water slides.
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Where is Sendaviva heading?

Sendaviva is moving towards a sustainable park model, within a natural environment, with increasingly innovative and fun attractions, and spectacular shows that complete an exclusive and unique experience for families, in a place of family leisure, sustainable, and with a commitment to the future of the planet, education and quality time shared with the family.


The use of technology will enhance the visitor experience and provide powerful new leisure experiences.